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   400 Crosswinds Drive #F1
   Greenacres, FL 33413
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15mm Star Armour
All in Stock - all set this page come unpainted.

15mm1 Human Hover Platform 8.00 
Pilots cockpit glues on, comes with 2 gunners.


15mm2 Blarad hover gun platform, Pilot Tri-barrel gun with gunner and assistant gunner. 11.00


15mm3 Blarad Air Cav hover platform with Pilot and 5 man fire team 13.00


15mm4 Med. laser cannon
7.00 2 complete guns and controllers. 

15mm5 Colonial Marines (16mm bottom of foot to eye)
10 figures $10.00


15mm6 Heavy GEV APC w/vulcan cannon 20.00 each Inf. just for size


15mm7 Heavy GEV Tank 20.00 each Inf. just for size

15mm8   10 Human Inf. in Eviro. suits, 2 PML, 8 troopers 2 different types as shown in picture.  7.50

15mm9   10 Dracon Inf. 2 pis., 4 las carb, 4 las rifle 10.00

15mm10 10 Adventurers 12.00

15mm11 9 Dracon Hvy Weapons 3 of each pose  12.00


15mm12 - 5 figure Blarad fire team $6.50 
1 officer 2 pistols, 1 hand flamer, 1 heavy MG, 1 assault rifle, 1scoped assault rifle w/GL


15mm13 - Blarad Tri-barrel and 2 bear crew $6.50 front and


15mm14 Heavy GEV APC w/laser gun 20.00 each Inf. just for size




Stan Johansen
   400 Crosswinds Drive #F1
   Greenacres, FL 33413

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Due to delivery problems to some country's we have changed our rates to include insurance.
Although I have provided  proof of shipment PayPal has declared it my loss. 
So now only insured packages will be sent on international orders.

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