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Road Warriors
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RW001 Road Warriors/Raging lions
(16) 25.00

14 male and 2 female warriors armed
with everything from assault rifles to Uzi's
RW002 10 Wasteland Warriors 15.00 
2 each, firing crossbow, adv. w/rifle, running w/pistol and knife, kneeling firing crossbow, lunging w/sword hand crossbow on arm
RW003 Lawmen 15.00
10 figures: 2 NBC gear, 2 capture team w/nuronet gun, 6 in Riot gear.

RW004 Colonial Marines $18.00 
1 officer, 1 PML, 1 Lt. MG,  1 Heavy Grenade launcher, 3 tossing grenade, 3 advancing and 
2 running. 12 figures.
RW005 Townies/Tango set 2  18.00
12 town folk 10 men, 2 women armed with a variety of weapons but will it be enough to fight off the biker gangs.
RW006 Personalities 15.00 
Fire boy: tossing Molotov cocktail
Slick: w/Uzi and machete on back
Naguchi: Ninja Assassin w/knife
Dr. Hook: w/hook hand and beaker of ?
Rocker: w/minigun
Ace: Dr. hooks bodyguard wearing body armor w/pistol
Grease Ball: mechanic carrying wrench
Gas passer: wearing gasmask throwing grenade w/pistol
Snake: w/silenced mac-11
Gyro Pilot: w/pistol

Contents of biker gang set

Assembled and painted sample only

RW007 Biker Gang 30.00    6 complete bikes
contains 1 Trike, 1 heavy bike with side car and passenger, 2 Heavy bikes, 2 choppers, 2 each of 3 different riders, with separate arms holding crossbow, ax, sub-mg, pistol, and shotgun as well as 1 hand and 2 hands holding handlebars.
RW008 Light weapons     12.00  21 pieces
1 Russian Heavy MG pedestal mount,  1 .50 MG pedestal mount, 2  RPG,  2 tri mount free flight missiles, 2  heat seeker missles,  
2 hood mtd. grenade launchers, 4 body mtd. .30 cal MGs, 2 roof mtd. .50 cal MGs.
RW009 Armor     12.00  2 of each 18 pieces
2 large cut to fit panels, 2 ventilated plates for windows or radiator, 2 dragon back panels, 2 windscreen protectors, 2 small armor panels, 2 rhino rams, 2 armored bumpers, 2 gun shields


RW010 Escort Car 20.00 
comes unassembled with roof mg and driver

Cars have dents, dings and scrapes


RW011 Slasher Car 20.00 
comes unassembled with roof mg and driver

Cars have dents, dings and scrapes

RW012 Gunners and drivers 18.00 
2 sitting firing pistols, 4 standing with bases good for use on flatbed trucks
6 good for use in roof openings.


RW013 Turreted weapons $12.00
Heavy turret with .50cal and gunner, 1 heavy missile turret, 2 40mm smoke or grenade launcher turrets,
30mm chaingun turret, 40mm turret gun, 2 turrets w/.50 cal barrels and a claymore mine.


RW014 Special Weapons $12.00
1 TOW launcher, 1 90mm recoiless rifle,  1 30mm body mount minigun, 
1 Russian grenade launcher,  1 US grenade launcher,  1 heavy harpoons, 1 20mm miniguns roof mount, 1 20mm body mount minigun, 
1 heavy Flamer, 1 tire shredders w/pintal mount.


Out Of  Production

RW016 Motorcycle weapons pack $12.00

Flamer/ smoke emitter. Bulldog minigun, Saw blade thrower,  2 AKs & 2 M16s for handlebar mount,
.50cal, front yoke dual M-16 mount, dual AK front yoke mount,

dual M16 gun deck unit, dual AK gun deck unit, 2 chopper rear fender gun decks, 2 heavy bike gundecks.


1 Bulldog minigun mounted in sidecar, and AK mounted on handlebars.
2 Chopper AK on handlebar mount and dual M-16 on rear gun deck
3 Hvy. bike dual M-16s yoke mount and rear flamer/smoke emitter

4 Trike with Bulldog minigun and Flamer/smoke emitter
5 Hvy. Bike with .50 cal and dual AKs on rear gun deck
6 chopper dual AKs front yoke mount, saw blade thrower on rear gun deck.

RW017 Mad Hatter Gang 10 figures $15.00.
You can request 2 random figures instead of the gunner and driver figures.


RW018 Mechanics  6 pieces $9.00 (front and back views)
1 welder, 1 mechanic, 2 tanks, 1 welding machine, 1 scenery piece tire, cable, welding machine.



RW019 Cultist Special Weapons $18.00
2 piece Heavy Flamer and gunner, Driver, Medium flamer, Mini-gat, Hand flamer



RW020 Cultist with guns $12.00
Leader w/2 pistols. shotgun/loot bag, Air gun, SAW, SMG, Grenade/pistol, SMG/pistol



RW021 Cultist with melee weapons $12.00
3 with crossbows, mechanic w/wrench, Chainsaw, Ax, Machete/pistol


RW022 Heavy flamers $10.00
2 heavy flamers compatible, with all gunners in the RW012 pack

RW023 Interceptor  $18.00 unpainted.
Kit includes car, 4 wheels, engine intake and 2 gas tanks as shown.


RW023P Interceptor  $25.00 painted.
Model will be painted similar to above weathered and rusted. 
You may request different color and or no weathering.
Each vehicle painted to order allow up to 2 weeks for delivery


RW024 Custom Kit     12.00 
10 pieces of window armor, tombstone rear armor, 2 side shredders, 4 hatchers
40mm armored ammo belt, 20mm ammo belt, 50 cal ammo belt


RW025 Redneck Renegades  10 figures 15.00
2 drivers, gunner, 3 riflemen, 2 w/revolvers and 2 w/automatics


RW026  12 Redneck Renegade Gunmen with packs and weapons 18.00
 Packs will fit most figures with no fitting necessary.


RW027  4 metal engins  with blower  $5.00


RW028  4 metal Aux. gas tanks  $6.00


RW029  4 metal Double tires  $5.00   Will fit most hot wheels and matchbox wheel wells.


RW030  4 metal Double tires with slashers  $6.00   Will fit most hot wheels and matchbox wheel wells.


RW031  10 assorted motors 8 different types $15.00  see special deal below.


RW032  19 pieces   2 large searchlights, 1 searchlight, 2 large skull MG mounts, 2 small skull MG mounts, 2 sets pipes, 5 hood air intakes   $18.00  see special deal below.



RW033 Big Rig Weapons  9 pieces  1 missile turret mount, 1 tank turret, 1 triple missile, 2 stackables missile racks, 2 30mm gataling guns, 1 tank turret gun, 1 searchlight, 3 piece 30mm Gatling gun with ammo drum and mount $20.00  see special deal below.


RW034  4 Grinder wheels $6.00


RW035  Firemen Gang $18.00
Pistol left hand open for holding tool, Security w/SAW, Swinging ax, chainsaw, Ax, Pike Pole
Ax and hand flamer, Heavy flamer, Gunner, water/slime cannon, passenger, chief driver, tools



RW036  4 Dual .50 Cal turrets $8.00



NEW SETS Special Deal sets RW031, RW032, amd RW033 a $53.00 value $43.00
Plus you get a FREE unpainted Goblin Head ram.
limited time deal.  Web orders only not available at conventions

Redneck special deal both packs a $33.00 value 
only $26.00 RW 25 and 26 Web orders only not available at conventions
Cultist special deal all 3 packs a $42.00 value 
only $38.00 RW 19, 20, 21 Web orders only not available at conventions
"Gaslands" Special Deal
Weapons and armor special deal
all 4 packs a $48.00 value 
only $42.00 RW 8, 9, 13, 14 Web orders only not available at conventions
NEW SETS Special Deal sets RW031, RW032, amd RW033 a $53.00 value $43.00
Plus you get a FREE unpainted Goblin Head ram.
limited time deal.  Web orders only not available at conventions



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