Road car crafting

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Road Warrior Car Crafting

Some Basics part 1

Hot Wheels Hypertruck Plastic body.

Removing revets with a dremel tool is about a 2 to 3 min. operation even when you get the metal plate and rivet even you may have to pry it lose
At this point I do all the body modifications in this case removing a roof panel in both the car body and clear window piece and drilling the holes for the MG positions
Basic painting for the car was spray the interior flat black and body gloss red both top and bottom.
Metal or plastic you can spray paint over the origanal paint job, When finished you should Spray with Matt or Gloss fixative.

Here are some of the basic tools which will save you lots of time and make a more  detailed model.
Brass rods for weapons mounts, roll bars and railings. 3 of the most usefull Dremel bits, and a set of metal drill bits I get these from Harbor Freight.

This car has a driver, passenger and 2 Machine gunners. First photo is before weathering. Photo 2 is the finished vehicle.

Car crafting suppliers  Plastic sheets, roods and other shapes  All sorts of scratch building and tools  Just about every miniature tool you can imagine they have their own Dremel type tools make sure you get the foot switch. Drill bits, clamps, clipers and more tools.


 The New Portland Fire Dept. Vehicles

Ladder Truck railing made from brass rods

Commiseners Car dual .30 cal. MGs and minigun with front ram

Big Rig Conversions



 Some vehicles for the bad guys.
All miniatures and weapons are Stan Johansen Miniatures

Vehicles below all ready for our "Road Rage" scenario "Stop the Truck" at Hurricon 2016
Orlando FL Saturday Sept. 24th 2016  9am to 1pm secession.